blue flowerLa première rencontre entre porteurs du projet s'est déroulée à Saint-Jean-de-Luz en décembre 2017. Elle a permis de vérifier la répartition des tâches et de valider le calendrier des mobilités.

R1 BOOT MEETING was our first transnational seminar (in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France).

Project holders can see a report and check results on line (NOTRE BUREAU EUROPEEN, the french coordinator's website). International brain storming was done in six workshops about project's logo and coat of arms (W1) pedagogic goals and follow up (W2) the parallel and transnational productions we need to do (W3) videos and movies to make (W4) dissemination tactics (W5) and web strategies (W6).



Certificates of Attendance were given by Mr Headmaster J-M Garcia  and the local
municipality councilors in charge of Youth (Mrs Arribas) and International Relations
(Mr Quijano), in presence of Mrs Lacaze (in charge of Associations and Public events).
Another member of the council,  Mrs Margaret Girard,  and Youth Service's Director
Mr Hériteau  were also involved in the ceremony.
Thanks to all of them for this very kind moment !
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2017/12/13 FIRST DAY: Opening ceremony, welcoming. Most of the workshops were implemented at this time.

2017/12/13 CULTURAL DAY : a tour in San Sebastian after intellectual activities in the morning : the Aquarium, animals in nativity tradition (crèche).

2017 12/14 FORMAL DAY. Dedicated to protocolary activities : closing ceremony at the City hall. Cultural tours in Bayonne and Biarritz.



DONOSTIA (Cultural day 2018/12/14):


Teams from Dobrich and Alcochete on sea shore (Biarritz, last meeting day):


Romanian team in San Sebastian:



Transnational mobilities' reports and results are published in the French coordinator's website (NOTRE BUREAU EUROPEEN NBE+) by the Project Manager P-L Vanderplancke