Speaker jury: Nahia Grimoire (Lycée Maurice Ravel, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France)

Each delegation (Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Romania) proposes three "first stage" among all the written ones.

Establish a ranking according to the plebiscite collected.

In case of a dispute, make a vote (number of voters equal for each country)

Criteria for evaluating "first scene"


-Respect for the subject

-Relevance of the subject

-Possibility of development



As French students will have to organize a mini G7 in France about inequity in school systems (to find the ways to overvome its) they will propose to partners in Dobrich to make a brain storm about Biodiversity and to find together 7 decisions the governements could take to protect animals and Life. The final declaration could be filmed as a role play since a mini G7 has hust ended on the same subject with countries from everywhere in the world and not only some "G7 club" members ! It was eventually done with the participation of Romanian actors.