Our First Movie, made in Romania (Gardens in Transilvania: C1)

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Thanks to our wonderful Transilvanian hosts but also to all participants for this short-term exchange !!


 Our Last Movies, made in France and in the clouds (remote exchange: C5) Noah must go on!

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NOAH MUST GO ON, december 2020

 6 Videoconferences, some talks, lectures, cooperative works...mike  mike2

A video report was made during these activities by Flora V, who was also in charge of the Video Workshop  "W4" made in order to fix our postproduction strategy and to finish our transnational movie : THE ARK and will do the montage.

Find more details about C5 in the "REPORT" part of this Website, and also in the teachers' coordination website: NBE+ (NOTRE BUREAU EUROPÉEN, by Lycée Ravel High School)

BEST OF THE DEBATES MADE IN FRANCE AND ON LINE: video report of W1 ERASMUS MOB first Workshop (beginning of the -virtual - C5 exchange). All the conversations were not focused on animals but some were done to take part in European democracy (and talks were implemented about most recent social and/or political controversies) 

ATTENTION: W2-W3 FILM,  W4-W5 FILM and  W6 FILM are published in the" REPORT part" since these activities were presumed to be implemented under the last study travel to France, wich was canceled due to COVID. Instead of this mobility videoconferences were done in order to target E+A goals and to boost and suppport the european dynamisc in our schools.

Let's go to study TRAVELS section to see the short term exchanges schedules and our learning activities programmes.


Transnational mobilities' goals are published in FOLLOW UP section in the French coordinator's website (NOTRE BUREAU EUROPEEN NBE+) by the Project Manager and I.C. Pierre-Laurent Vanderplancke.