blue flowerThanks to our wonderful Transilvanian hosts but also to all participants for this short-term exchange !

La méthodologie du partenariat fait l'objet d'un "test" en 2016-2017 grâce au projet d'eTwinning FORUM NATURE+CULTURE.

Samples of videos were made and posted in our Twinspace from last scholar year. Now all teams are supposed to upload movie reports from the field trips they have done in order to make montage together and prepare a presentation of schools and project. The job must be finished in C1 short term exchange.

Here as a sample: a video made by some French students after the first local trip in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. this sort of productions are supposed to be put on line in our Twinspace.


A good first try by A.L. who did it with no haep from adults but only her comrades !