You'll find in this section a part of our study travels' results (edited from the mobilities implemented in the progress of the former Erasmusplusanimals partnership 2017-2020) but also several results of somes of the eTwinning activities or remote workshops focused on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development implemented by Lycée Ravel from 2021 in the prospect of extending the Noah Initiative.

REMINDER: the main concrete goal of training sessions implemented during the the short-term exchanges we have planned in the first year of our partnership between september, 2017 and  november, 2018 was to produce some transnational movies as local field trips reportings. Then, C3 first objectives are: to write a common Chart and to choose a first scene for our Sci-Fi movie project, C4 was supposed to allow the production of a definitive synopsis, C5 was made to film the narrative in France / results of C3, C4 and C4 exchange are mainly edited both in CARTE BLANCHE and THE ARK parts). Concerning THE ARK project: find an overview of  the process and  the outcomes in the dedicated folder. 

You'll find also in these pages some outcomes and products from the eTwinning projects NOAH and WATER.WOR(L)DS.



Semaine de mobilisation en faveur de l'action européenne et internationale du Lycée Maurice Ravel du 10 au 14 octobre 2022

NeskaB WEB


Lectures, workshops and videoconferences for eTwinners and other Partners



Les 13 et 14 octobre : célébration des #Erasmusdays au Lycée Ravel et cérémonie, le 14, comprenant la  remise symbolique d'un diplôme à notre Direction dans le cadre du PRIX EITA 2022 (du projet européen) le plus innovant remporté par E+A (Noah) REWARDED BY THE EU and #Erasmusdays ceremony the 14th of OCTOBER at LE SELECT cinema to end the ERASMUS MOB III (troisième édition annuelle de la semaine de mobilisation du Lycée Ravel en faveur de son ouverture Transnationale).

The Inaugural speech


(cinéma LE SELECT le 14 octobre)

A symbolic certificate was >>

given to the Direction of Lycée Ravel (Mr Vice-

Principle Kalamy was the representative of)

by Mr Heriteau, in charge of Youth municipal

politics, in the name of the pedagogic staff. 

Then, Mr Boivin (from the City Council)

Mrs Tariol (from Regional Council of

Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and Mr Kalamy

decerned the certificates of attendance

to foreign participants in the E+ L.o.L.

C2 study travel and Mrs Augé to French

students who hosted some of the

european  friends.

< A speech "on the stage" with my colleague Pascal Geoffroy, in charge of

scientific topics at the beginnings of E+A (Noah)and we were very happy 

to welcome for this ceremony, after the diffusion of THE ARK.





Semaine de mobilisation en faveur de l'action européenne et internationale du Lycée Maurice Ravel du 22 au 27 novembre 2021

NeskaB WEB


Lectures, workshops and videoconferences for eTwinners and other Partners




 Thanks to: Dobrich Veterinary High School and Mr Prof. H. Milushev (BULGARIA)-Colegiul economic "Iulian Pop" in Cluj-Napoca and Mrs Prof. R. Zetea with  Mrs Prof. M. Giurgiuman (ROMANIA)-Rigas.18 vidduskola and Mrs Prof. S. Meziniece (LATVIA)-Ulusoy Vocational Maritime High School in Cesme and Mrs N. Acir (TURKEY)-Escola secundaria "Jorge Peixinho" and Mrs Prof. Ana Martins in Montijo-Videoconferences made in St Jean de Luz and Elsewhere by  students and teachers from the High Schools named before with Prof. J-L Puyjalon and Prof.  P-L Vanderplancke and pupils of Lycée Ravel (élèves issus des classes de Terminale G6, Terminale G1, Seconde 6, Première 5)-coordination: P-L Vanderplancke


LINKS from here TO CONF1 (animals) - TO CONF 2 (seas and coasts) - TO EUROSCOLA SESSION (Facing "Global Warming" consequences and reverse it, make our economics more circular)-TO LOCAL ACTIVITIES-note the turkish partner was involved in our Nuits Blanches Project, (2015-2018) and also that both Romanian and Bulgarian teams were our partners in Erasmusplusanimals. But the scola "Jorge Peixinho" is a new friend of us... Click on the icons to access to the dedicated contents.



What's about Hydrogen ?


How weakest economies can be included

in the transnational struglge against climate change ?


and also: a solution, the prohibition of plastic?

(click on HOME tab)

I can be silent ! by a Turkish student   AND  "plastic is a killer"

by French team


and also : Black Sea of Plastics

click above to see the presentations

or click on the left

on the photographs to the question by Lycée Ravel:

<< the goal is to obtain plastic bottles will be forbidden!  






EMBLEMATIC ANIMALS ("biodiversité remarquable") LOCAL SITUATION

Coals, salmons... many species are  concerned

silentand not only pandas, polar bears.. or bees!

Global, national and local context

according to French and Bulgarian Teams




reminder: THE AGENDA OF ERASMUS MOB II is in the "OUTPUTS" PART of this website (on this page) but the products made to prepare the videoconferences are in the "UPLOADS" PART (click on SLIDES tab to access or use this direct link) ; other contents soon in the two Twinspaces W+W et Noah. Concerning the former ERAMUS MOB implemented in december 2020: reporting was done and edited in the "REPORT" part).