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Synopsis of "The Ark" and dialogues written after C4 


[Le scénario original retenu par les élèves comme devant servir de base au film "L'ARCHE"]

We see images from nowadays that supposedly belong to the past and we hear the following in a dramatic, but mild Star Wars tonality:

“In a future not far away, a big crises struck the world so hard that all the countries around the world united together in order to help each other in this hard times. In a place that once has been called Europe, there is still good life for the richest people of the Earth, while the poor people are struggling every day.
Meanwhile, there is a school that has a plan: to build a spaceship in order to leave the Planet in its fate, and start a new life on an exoplanet, alongside with some animals.
There is one young woman called SOL9, who disagrees with humanity’s plan of salvation. But she doesn’t know that yet…”
We follow SOL9 and discover her environment of work. We open in a long gray hallway, with very poor illumination. We see a silhouette, all dressed in white, rapidly walking down the hallway. The hallway is divided in sections by 2 doors. The silhouette shuts the first door bored, the second one a little excited and then she gets to the 3rd door ,that enters into the lab.
We get closer from the profile. She takes a second, visibly nervous, then confidently puts her hand on the doorknob and opens it.
Alright, let’s see it!
We front-see SOL9 entering the lab with a big smile on her face.
The lab is blindly luminous, contrasting with the dark hallway. There is a few minimalist furniture, and the space is open and clean. The lab is divided in 2 parts, to the right one is a portion where are cages with animals and to the left one is very scientific, full of boards and computers.
SOL9 makes a couple steps into the lab, then looks right and left intrigued, and stops her sight on OVA7, fully dressed in white too.
OVA7 is gently taking care of the animals in the cages. She smiles at them with compassion and pets their head.

(pointing to the dogs)
Look at you, you guys! You seem very happy and healthy today, aren’t you?

Then she takes a cardboard and a pen from the desk and goes to examine the cats.

What about you, petits chats pretentieux? Do you like the new powdered false meat, hmm?
(takes a cat in her hands and weights it, than she notes on the cardboard)

(laughs when she sees the hens)
Let me see those wings! Oh, that’s great, your feathers grew longer... that means you’re almost prepared to fly out of here, no?( joking with a shade of sadness)

The dark cages contrast with the bright natural face of OVA7.
OVA7 notices SOL9 and shows a shy smile to her, then she returns to the animals. SOL9 ignores OVA7’s smile.
(she looks very puzzled)
What a peculiar gesture, why would she smile at me? Hmmm…

We move to the other side of the lab.
The other people are minding their job, working on the space project and they don’t seem to notice SOL9’s entrance.
FLO1 explains his plan at a board ,while 2 people are paying attention. He is very confident and persuasive, drawing sketches on the board with a marker.
I think if we manage to improve the reaction of oxygen and hydrogen for propulsion and grow the power of the engine at 50 million horsepower, we’ll reach the most efficient rate and we’ll be able to travel interstellar for 10 light years without worrying about refueling. How amazing is this?

(very midful)
That’s amazing, for sure but…What about the spaceship’s form? Should we do it a trapezoid or a classic oval? Ce forma ne-ar ajuta mai tare?

(excited to present his idea)
And shouldn’t we change the material of it? Interstellar dust can damage steel rapidly, and also the cosmic storms or asteroids rain will destroy it in a second! Това няма да е добре!(= that wouldn’t be good)

Otimo! Muito boa observacao!(=Great! Really good observation!) Well pointed out, but I already got it before you! We will use steel as planned, but we’ll mix it with titanium and the form will be …( start drawing a hexagonal shape on the board)
We change the cadre to SOL9, who is watching him with attention, very impressed. He doesn’t look at her. At a sudden moment, FLO1 raises his eyes above the boys, notices SOL9 with surprise and hurries to get to her.

We see SOL9 and FLO1 walking on the beach together. FLO1 is enthusiastic about his plan of exploring exoplanets. He is gesticulating freely and has very expensive and deep eyes.
I can’t wait for the spaceship to be ready. I’m so looking forward to explore space, to search for the perfect exoplanet, to build a new life! Can you imagine it? Can you picture it? (he stares into her eyes)
We’ll take the animals, some saplings and voila!...a new beginning! We will finally leave this sober deserted place, that is lost forever.
Do you think this is the only option?

Of course! What else could be? Look around you! We live in simulated environment that copies what once has been called the Blue Planet… There is no other hope, we have to leave! Don’t worry, space is great and our new planet will be better…

Isn’t it dangerous? Maybe…


(doesn’t let SOL9 finish her idea)
…will have a lot of resources, will serve as a perfect home for the animals, for the humans and will have a huge potential compared to Earth that is destroyed and hopeless.
Sol is watching him interested, but it’s not convinced. She doesn’t agree with his point and tries to interrupt him several times, but he is too loud and grabs her shoulders and she gives up her initiative.
After a moment, SOL9 erupts like crazy and points out very convincing that they should not leave Earth. Her eyes are angry and her body is tensioned.
Hopeless? Hope-less? How can you say that? Earth is still living, hardly breathing, but still sparkling revival! I strongly disagree! We shouldn’t leave our Planet when we haven’t done all that’s possible to rescue it!
(with excitement and hope)
We can plant trees, create technology to clean the polluted soil and water, build a natural place as it once has been! And many more!..
Flo looks at her with superiority and thinks she jokes.
(can’t believe his eyes, shocked)
Are you alright? Is this… is it a joke? Cuz you got me!
Sol tells him she doubts about going with him.
No, it is not!I’m doubting I should come with you… I don’t believe it is fully over… I feel we could save the Planet!
FLO1 gets angry and confused. They start throwing pebbles in the water as they argue.
What do you mean by saying you’re not coming? You have to come… we are best friends! And we can’t stay… SOL9, it is over!

It’s what you like to think, FLO1, but unless you leave, we can do it!

You must be out of your minds! There is nothing to be done furthermore, Earth is not able to sustain life anymore, we have to leave… space, there are so many exoplanets!

But Earth is our planet!

We have to go! We can’t breathe the air, grow anything in the soil.. it’s a desolate place that can’t sustain life!

(stops and looks into FLO1’s eyes)
As far as I believe in it…I will fight to heal the Earth! I’m not coming…
FLO1 leaves the scene unexpectedly.
Sol meditates for 30 seconds, throws another pebble in the water then opens the door to the lab.

We see SOL9 entering the lab of L’Arch with a very angry mood after the fight with FLO1. She comes to see OVA7. At first she doubts she should talk to her, then she frankly goes directly to her and speaks about the fight.
What do you do when your choice has consequences?

All choices have consequences. I guess you face them and you make what feels right for you, you know, deep inside…

It’s more than that! FLO1 wants to leave Earth forever in hope to find an exoplanet and transform it into a New Earth! He’s so convinced it’s over and our planet is lost forever, it’s destroyed irreparably… and I… don’t. I feel we have a chance, we can do it together, every single one of us!
We had this terrible fight, he wouldn’t understand… we argued and he was talking so passionately, telling me about this space exploration and scientific data and… I couldn’t lie to him… I couldn’t!
Ova pays a lot of attention to SOL9 and comforts her kindly looking into her eyes.
What is exactly that you fear, SOL9?


To lose my best friend! Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m all nuts when I don’t approve science…But more than this, to live with my choice of leaving Earth when we could’ve saved it… I truly believe it’s not over, we can restore all the damage!



It can’t be wrong if you truly feel like that! Don’t ever dare to doubt it! Follow your soul and don’t be afraid, there is no right or wrong…just life! (compassionately smiling)

I… I can feel it! I really do…( said unsure)

We see SOL9 suddenly noticing the animals and the cages. She maintains a long look at them mesmerized. She is sorry for them.


Poor animals! I can feel their pain… their shouts… (closes her eyes). They don’t wanna leave, they feel the same… we can rebuild this planet, we don’t have to leave! We shouldn’t leave!
OVA7 takes SOL9 closer to the cages.
Look into their eyes. They can’t speak, but they can make you feel. They’ve been for so long on this planet, they can intuit if it can blossom again, they are so connected to the nature! I trust them.

How do you know?

Because they talk to me.. through telepathy.. and they are so loud and so powerful and so sure there is no doubt! Earth’s story hasn’t come to an end!

I’m glad we feel the same, I wish I could hear the animals too... I wouldn’t feel silly… or alone in my thoughts.
There is so much to take in…
OVA7 intuits what SOL9 needs and encourages Sol to take a walk in the forest alone.
Why don’t you take a walk in the forest?

You coming with me?

Oh no, no… a little time alone ,by yourself, will surely do you the best!

We see a dark forest with tall secular trees. The soil is humid and there is a strong cold air in the atmosphere. There is a complete silence and all we hear are SOL9’s steps through the branches and leaves spread down.
We see SOL9 peacefully walking in the forest, feeling comfortable. Her feels sharpen. She closes her eyes and listens to the nature.
Suddenly, she surprisingly hears a human voice asking for help, that breaks the silence.
Help, help!...Help me!
She runs to help the human. SOL9 is confused when she sees an animal instead of a human.
Where is the human? I swear I’ve heard a human voice…
She feels someone in the woods is watching her (the family of the animal) and frightens as she turns around.
She makes a strong eye contact with the animal she found. Suddenly, she hears all the voices of the animals, understands them and goes crazy dizzy.
SOL9 faints.
OVA7 comes to take care of SOL9. OVA7 is concerned, but happy SOL9 discovered her gift.
Finally, she discovered her gift! Now she is sure what she has to do....



We see FLO1 proudly walking the stairs into the spaceship. He looks brave and very excited.

We’ll have a new fate, people! Earth is lost, but we will build a new life on an exoplanet!

His eyes are looking into the gathering of people that came to see the launch. FLO1 starts desperately to search SOL9’s eyes. He finds OVA7’s eyes at first, gives a little harsh smile, then she finds SOL9’s eyes. They connect and share a bound.

(into FLO1’s eyes)
Don’t go! We can save the planet, we truly can! The animals have told me! We can do it together, please change your mind!...
They painfully smile to each other for 30 sec than suddenly and simultaneously turn their heads to the ground and their faces show no expression.
FLO1 enters de spaceship determined and a little irritated.
You should’ve come with me, SOL9!...
SOL9 follows FLO1’s steps until the doors of the spaceship close.
OVA7 and SOL9 share a hand grab and watch the launch with sadness.

After some time, in the morning, a lot of people gather together to rescue and revitalize the Earth.
OVA7 and SOL9 are smiling and coordinating the people.
The people plant trees, collect garbage, clean the soil etc, and look very happy and hopeful they will succeed their mission of making The Blue Planet blossom again.
We see pictures with people rebuilding the Earth.

futher on this page: other Synopsis samples 



Please note all the Synopsises (from France and other countries) are supposed to be written before C3 and to be uploaded in our Twinspace (called FORUM NATURE+CULTURE). Only two samples are published here..

As the earth is too polluated it began to be unlivable. Scientists decided to create a school where teenagers would be formed in order to be part of a spacial crew that would go out of the solar system and will search for another viable planet.
But some young people diseagree with those scientist and don’t believe in this expedition.

In front of the simulator of sea, Flo1 is meeting Sol9 to talk secretly. They are joined by Van8 and Mi5 to rest in the solar system instead of going through the univers to find another planet with the conditions of terrestrial life. The boys believe it’s impossible and insane and they decided to talk to Sol9 about this because they are aware that she has the same opinion.
The boys would like to stay in orbit in the solar system and often going back to earth when they need ressources. In the opposite, Sol9 thinks that the problem is to leave definitly the earth and she would prefer that all the money and technologies that are put in the spatialship should be used to restore and protect the earth.
Unfortunetly they were not alone. Another student who was in favor of the ark, heard them and decided to denonce them to the director of the project.
After that , the four rebels were summoned by the director and were arrested because of their opinion.
Until the departure of the ark the director decided to isolate them in a cell and nobody knew about their arrestation.
The students wondered what happens to those pupils.
They succeed to escape and one of their closest friends helped to hide from the director and pro-ark people.
One of them hacked the systems of the cell , they secretly join their friend.
Little by little they spread the idea of protecting the earth instead of living it and the hope of a revolution grow in the student’s minds.
They distributed tracts.
Therefore¸ the students started to fight to stay on earth : strikes against the governors and politics.

At the end as the majority of students were against the ark its never happened and stayed in earth. They started to protect the nature and to take care of the environment and the animals.


Marie P
Noa S
Leila G