We are on  earth in 3010 , humanity has destroy all of the areas of vegetation available and the level of the oceans has dramatically increase in result of climat warning and  melting ice. Air has become unbreathable and  an appropriate equipment is required to survive in such an hostile evironment. Because of the significantly increased population, the government choose to convert all the habitation into zone that sort out people according to their ethnicity. The world is run by a dictator , Kapekerwe , who have been studied scientific researches on human and animal genetic . Due to that ,he control the world with an army of cyborgs build of predators and humanoïds. This army allows him to impose order under a pression of endless terror. Under the yoke of that tyrannical regime , a few groups of resisters has rise up to improve life conditions on earth. One of those groups  tries to protect and conserve the lives of the animals who are mistreated by kapakerwe ´s dictatorship.  This group is led by Tjiwapewa and it’s hallmark is a red dove . This heroine has been savagely seperated from her family after their assassination . Out on her own, she had to manage to find something to eat and how to survive. One day ,she found a abandonned puppy and decided to take care of him and all the animals in need . This is how the « flector league » come out to protect animals . Tjiwapewa and her companions take the decision to build a submarine as an arch , big enough  to receive a wide variety of animal species . Wars were endless and kapakerwe completly loose the control of his own army and dies of his own creation.  Facing this chaos ,Melanie , the right-hand of kapekerwe , decide to explose all the bombs of the planet and erradicate all the living beings. Billions of year later , nature has taken back its right as at the begining.