Sadnesss draft  (fr07) was selected by the project holders as the best narrative.  It was done during R4 transnational meeting in Cluj-Napoca (Workshop 2) because the draft shows some interactions between Human Beings and Animals. We note this story includes the first scene ; the original idea was respected.

Summary of the first scene:

Two characters (a young male recently patentee, FLO1, and a female student, SOL9) embody two differing opinions on the mission assigned by the European Union to the Space Academy. They are joined during their discussion by MI5 and VAN8, two future technicians on the spacecraft "L'Arche".

The boys are trying to seize the ship after takeoff, because they believe that an exoplanet is a target too far away and that it is better to stay in the solar system Sol9 think for its part that it is still possible to save the Earth, and would like to dedicate all the means of the mission.

The scenario :

Sol9 is found a few months later, as preparations for take-off are underway and the three boys are busy maintaining and preparing the engines.

Meanwhile, Sol9 faces Ova7, the head of veterinary services. Both young women are supposed to have both telepathic gifts and to be able to communicate with living beings. But Sol9 feels none of the effects implied by the talent attributed to him. She hates Ova7, whom she suspects of lying and wants to draw attention to herself by simulating a gift, that also justifies her rank as a superior space officer. But the course of the dispute changes when Ova confesses that she is also hostile to the mission. During the discussion, Sol9 begins to experience the telepathic sensations she doubted existed.

Shaken, Sol9 tries to use his abilities and ends up hearing the thoughts of a dog. She then realizes the great sadness of animals, none of which wants to leave the Earth ...