Filming the SCi-FI movie we have planned to do at the end of the partnership was supposed to be C5 main goal. Due to COVID 19 it was not possible to implement the last study travel neither in march, april or may, 2020. As we were not sure the exemption we asked ealrly in June for a 4 months extension of the E+A (Noah) project would be accepted by the Erasmus National Agency, some French Volunteers decided to make a filming from the 15th to the 22nd of June.





The programme from the 15th to the 19th

every day :

Plenar comitee at 10.00 am PLANNING and/or FILMING

Noon: common lunch

from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm interior and/or exterior scenes

Main characters : SOL 7 (Noa) FLO 9 (Thomas) and OVA (Lorena) / MONDAY: scenes in laboratories and in the forest (landscapes of St Ignace wood) La Casita / TUESDAY: underground scenes and shots of Seconde 6 pupils ; interactions with animals captured at the "Côte Basque Refuge"  Le Komptoir / WEDNESDAY:  intimist scenes Le christie's / THURSDAY: montage workshops in the morning, shootings in computer room and also in the basements of the school Le Komptoir again / FRIDAY: beach scene then rocket start moment Le bel endroit / From Tuesday contacts with Alcochete in order to let to Portuguese team the introduction and ending scenes (to make from the slides they have produced in december, 2019). From Wednesday contact with Cluj in order to see with Andreea what scenes may be added (or what songs and other effects) by the other partners....

IMG 20200616 143220   IMG 20200616 112249 IMG 20200616 141103 


 Clap de fin et pot d'adieu le 19 juin à "La Marine" /  The 24th programme: presentation of the film (postproduction and first edition done from the 22nd to the 23rd by Pauline)

Le bout-à-bout est terminé le 24 et montré aux élèves à cette date, le film devant ensuite être visionné lors du séminaire R5 et servir de base au produit fini. En réalité, la vidéo ne pouvant être complétée lors d'un échange concret, le voyage d'étude C5 ayant du être annulé, elle le sera grâce à un échange d'informations à distance validé par l'atelier W4 implanté dans le cadre d'un échange virtuel mis en oeuvre du 14 au 18 décembre 2020 ; le montage final étant assuré immédiatement après avec l'aide d'un prestataire.

VOIR LE FILM / see the movie sketch: clicking on the MEETING tab  (R5 meeting's results)


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